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A PAD Patient with Less Pain | Margie C. on the ArtAssist® Device

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Margie tells us that when she had first received the ArtAssist® device from us at ACI Medical, her problems were pretty common for a patient with severe PAD (peripheral arterial disease):

Leg pain when walking, leg cramps mostly at night, toe nails coming off + not growing back normally, swelling in feet and legs from poor circulation.

These days, her testimonial tells us that since Margie has started to use the ArtAssist® device, we are glad to hear that she has gone from having rest pain and imminent tissue loss to being a claudicator.

I still have some pain when walking, the leg cramps seldom, toes are better, and bad swelling only when I overdo. I believe the [ArtAssist®] machine has kept me from worse and I will continue to use it.

Though her symptoms have not completely dissipated, we at ACI are relieved to have provided her with the means to get her out of the danger zone. Her advice to other PAD sufferers:

I would advise anyone with PAD to give it a try.

Thank you for your story, Margie! We are, of course, here for you as your ArtAssist® device therapy continues and we wish you all the best.


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