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EndoShear™ for Arteriogenesis

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 Introducing The Next Generation in

ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device® Technologyendoshear AD3 technology-web

arterial pump therapy has evolved…

ArtAssist EndoShear ArteriogenesisThe newest generation of the ArtAssist® device brings patients closer to long-term benefits because it is optimized for collateral artery growth. Compression and decompression rates now clock in at under 300 milliseconds, increasing shear stress to the endothelium.

The ArtAssist® device with EndoShear ™ technology for arteriogenesis is currently being phased in. This new technology is 510(k) FDA compliant and patent pending.

Devices with EndoShear ™ technology look and operate the same, but with a few key differences:

  • Adaptive pressure function (creates multiple compression pulses that learn the patient’s physiology)
  • Faster compression and decompression rates (under 300 milliseconds)
  • Higher shear stress

EndoShear™ Technology can make Non-Surgical Revascularization a Reality

EndoShear™ for Physicians  |  EndoShear™ for Patients


EndoShear ™ for Arteriogenesis:  Main Goals

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EndoShear ™ for Arteriogenesis:  The Shear Stress Mechanism

It is generally accepted that an increase in rapid compression equals an increase in shear stress. (To measure “rapidness,” the slope of applied pressure = change in pressure / change in time)

Resulting Effects:
Shear stress causes the release of:

  • Nitric oxide (NO) for acute vasodilation and
  • Growth-related protein expression by vascular endothelial cells for promoting arteriogenesis

 Available for Patients

Order ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device® in the same way as before:  jump to the Ordering Page

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ArtAssist Endoshear ArteriogenesisWhat’s New for Patients?

ACI Medical has made the ArtAssist® device with EndoShear™ Technology better for patients, too. While using the device, you may notice a few differences:

  • The controller is 7 lbs. lighter than before
  • The multiple compression sequence will sound as if it has a stutter – this is normal
  • The system’s adaptive function automatically senses how much air it needs to inflate the cuffs around your legs – this means you will receive consistent therapy from one session to the next
  • We have shortened the “end of treatment” alarm and made it a little quieter

Inside the Machine

The outward appearance of the ArtAssist® device is only changed by an EndoShear™ sticker on the front panel and a serial number starting with “AD3” instead of “AD2.”

The mechanics inside, however, have been changed to provide patients with more convenience and superior treatment. As mentioned above, the machine is now lighter-weight – a microprocessor now does the work of 7 lbs. of machinery.

But most importantly, engineers at ACI Medical programmed the new ArtAssist® device to target arteriogenesis, the growth of collateral arteries around the blockage in the main artery. While the previous generation was only designed to increase circulation, the new generation does both. The ArtAssist® device with EndoShear™ for Arteriogenesis brings patients closer to long-term results.

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