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How To Order

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How To Order The ArtAssist ® Device


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Toll Free:  (888) 4 LEG FLO (888-453-4356)


Ordering the ArtAssist® device requires a physician’s prescription and rental agreement.ArtAssist device patient

Patients in Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration or Tricare should contact us to discuss coverage.

Once payment is determined, the device and all accessories will be shipped directly to the patient. It is easy to use; there is no need for a clinician to operate the device. Patients need only turn on one switch (all timing and pressures are preset) and the device automatically turns off after therapy is completed.

The recommended therapy is 3 hours a day, broken up into one-hour sessions. In a study published in Archives of Surgery, patients in whom limb salvage was achieved used the ArtAssist® device for longer periods of time (mean time, 2.38 hours a day) compared with those who underwent amputation (mean time, 1.14 hours a day) (p<.05).

Very often, patients rent the ArtAssist® device from ACI Medical on a Month-to-Month basis or a 3-month rental plan at a discounted rate. The average rental period is 3 – 5 months; however, patients may also purchase it.

ArtAssist® device renters benefit from a full warranty for the length of the rental. All parts and service are guaranteed at no additional cost.


  1. During episodes of superficial phlebitis, cellulitis or osteomyelitis
  2. When increased venous and lymphatic return is undesirable, such as in patients with severe congestive heart failure
  3. When deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism exists or is suspected
  4. Acute ischemia due to arterial blood clot


If you have a patient that may benefit from improved blood flow and arteriogenesis:

  1. Write a prescription for the ArtAssist® Device
  2. Give ACI Medical’s toll free number to your patient to arrange shipping the device: (888) 453-4356
  3. Fax Rx to 760-744-4401 or email to and ACI Medical will take care of the rest. We work directly with patients for proper training, shipping, and support.

Purchasing or prosthetics departments in VA or other federal health centers can contact ACI Medical to obtain an ordering process guide specific to the ArtAssist® device.


To order an ArtAssist® device:

  1. Fill out the Rental Agreement
  2. Have your doctor sign the prescription at the bottom of the Rental Agreement

Return both to ACI Medical by one of the following methods:

DME Dealers

Inquiries are welcome from dealers that want to participate in this form of patient care. Since ACI Medical is the clear expert in Arterial Pump Technology, we provide excellent training and sales support. We have several plans to choose from.

To get a feel for the protocol, check out the Executive Summary.

For more information, feel free to call our toll free number (888) 453-4356 or email

Pricing Options

All accessories are included with any device order.

Renting from ACI Medical

Month-to-Month: $650 (one leg) or $750 (two legs) for the first month, $480 for each additional month

90-day Rental (most popular): $1200, $400 for each additional month

Warranty:  Device renters benefit from a full warranty for the length of the rental. All parts and service are guaranteed at no additional cost.

Purchasing from ACI Medical

$4800 (one leg) or $4900 (two legs)

HCPCS code: E0675

Warranty:  1 year

Please contact our friendly sales department at or toll free (888) 453-4356

Specialized Inflation Cuffs

ACI Medical offers specialized cuffs for treating patients with peripheral arterial disease in the upper extremities and for maintaining good circulation at amputation sites. Please remember to discuss this treatment with your doctor. Contact us to make a request:  (888) 453-4356 or

Upper Extremity

For conditions such as:

  • Buerger’s Disease
  • Scleroderma

Part #02-0105-416

ArtAssist device upper extremity inflation cuff

Lower Extremity Amputation Sites

  • Thigh & Calf Cuff (BKA) long:  Part #02-0105-616
  • Thigh & Calf Cuff (BKA) short:  Part #02-0105-716


ArtAssist thigh inflation cuff

Thigh inflation cuff

ArtAssist device thigh calf inflation cuff long
Thigh and long calf inflation cuffs

ArtAssist device thigh calf inflation cuff short
Thigh and short calf inflation cuffs



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