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Limb Salvage with Arterial Pump Compression Therapy: A Graphical Representation

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Who here has heard of compression therapy for poor circulation? What is the first thought that comes to mind?

ArtAssist Arterial Assist Device IPC

The ArtAssist® device: Always remember to look for clinical evidence.

Many patients are not aware of the full benefits that compression therapy can bring for poor circulation. Many doctors also remain in the dark or are skeptical of this therapy’s effectiveness. Indeed, there are products in the market that are largely untested in a clinical setting. Despite their lack of evidence, they are still marketed to patients as an “effective” solution for poor circulation.

In reality, not all arterial pump brands are the same. It really shows when a pump is not optimized for its intended purpose.

To illustrate, we at ACI Medical have put together a simple chart that combines three limb salvage statistics:

  • The first limb salvage statistic is from a randomized, placebo-controlled, single blind clinical study using ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®. This arterial pump claims to significantly increase circulation to the legs and feet. The patients in this study were contraindicated for surgery and had critical limb ischemia. You can find the abstract by clicking here.
  • The second limb salvage statistic comes from a clinical study at the Mayo Clinic for a different arterial pump. This pump also claims to significantly increase circulation. Patients in this study also suffered from critical limb ischemia. Find the abstract by clicking here.
  • The third limb salvage statistic is from the vascular surgery department at NYU Langone Medical Center. It shows the success rate of arterial bypass surgeries in the lower extremity to treat poor circulation. Patients whose limbs had been scheduled for amputation at other hospitals were saved by the surgeons at NYU. Visit their page.

An 80% limb salvage rate is outstanding for bypass surgery. But what if you are in the other 20%? 

This chart takes the lowest limb salvage success rate for ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device® and the most impressive rate found for the competitive arterial pump. Which compression therapy brand would you choose if bypass surgery was not an option?

compression therapy limb salvage comparison chart

(Charts are approximately to scale. Click to enlarge.)

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