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“Silly” New Therapies that Gained Credibility

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paul van bemmelen md phd

Paul van Bemmelen, MD, PhD

In a recent editorial in VEIN Magazine, vascular surgeon Paul van Bemmelen discusses why one new therapy deserves more consideration from the medical community:  the ArtAssist® device.

Many physicians are skeptical of this recently re-invented modality to non-invasively treat blocked arteries in the legs and feet. While it is reasonable to want to steer clear of medical “miracle products,” evidence supporting the ArtAssist® device’s efficacy is substantial and continues to grow.

Van Bemmelen cites several clinical trials from multiple centers focused on patients with intermittent claudication (walking pain) and critical limb ischemia (when the limb is threatened by lack of blood flow). In some trials, patients did not have the option of surgery to restore blood flow. The conventional alternative would have been eventual amputation.

With this new knowledge about the ArtAssist® device’s capabilities, van Bemmelen asserts that vascular specialists are running out of valid reasons to deem patients untreatable.

Read the article in its entirety at this link:

Paul van Bemmelen, MD, PhD is professor of surgery and practices vascular and endovascular surgery in Philadelphia, PA. He used the first ArtAssist® device prototypes on patients.

To learn more about ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device® and the ordering process, visit ArtAssist® device homepage and explore the menu:

ArtAssist new therapies for PAD

The ArtAssist® device is a home-use medical treatment designed to increase arterial blood flow, promoting wound healing, limb salvage and collateralization (arteriogenesis).

 Prospective clinical studies mentioned in the editorial:


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