Today, a man came in to our office to talk to us about renting an ArtAssist® device. He has had peripheral arterial disease for years and previously rented our device a few years back.

He came in because, as he said, wound care in other places wasn’t very well agreed upon, and he saw hair regrowth on his feet when he rented and used our device a few years back. His other options were too costly for him, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (I found a link – click here – to get a ballpark idea of how much each HBO session is).

Today, we wish that more patients were like him because he has lately noticed hair loss on his feet again and is taking steps to prevent his PAD from advancing.

Visit the ArtAssist® device website to see if you or someone you know can benefit from therapy. You can also poke around on the clinical studies page to read what researchers have to say about the device (in a nutshell, it’s efficacious and cost-effective, but don’t feel like you have to take my word for it).

Also, check out all the posts I have on amputation – it would take quite a while to post them all here, but I do have a lot of articles on cost comparison and quality of life.

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