Pioneering Non-Invasive Vascular Technologies Since 1984

ACI Medical at the 2017 SVU Vascular Annual Meeting in Lake Buena Vista, FL

The Societies for Vascular Surgery and Ultrasound Meetings from May 30 – June 1, 2013

This is one of the largest gatherings in the world of medical professionals specializing in the field of vascular medicine – and ACI Medical will be there in booth #409!vascular annual meeting san francisco

Since 1984, ACI has been immersed in the field of non-invasive vascular solutions, both diagnostic and therapeutic. Today, ACI Medical boasts unique devices that are patented and clinically supported.

ACI Medical’s Therapeutic Devices

were engineered to offer peace of mind and hope to patients suffering from non-surgical PAD and non-healing wounds, and better comfort to those with chronic venous insufficiency.

ArtAssist®...The Arterial Assist Device®VenAssist®...The Next Generation Compression Device
ArtAssist®...The Arterial Assist Device®VenAssist®...The Next Generation Compression Device
ArtAssist Arterial Assist Device VenAssist Next Generation Compression Device

ACI Medical’s Diagnostic Devices

were designed with vascular technologists in mind. Professionals using ACI Medical’s unequaled diagnostic systems can gain new insight into their patients’ conditions with equipment that is both ergonomic and intuitive.

APG® Air PlethysmographVenaPulse® Hands-Free Augmentation Device
APG® Air PlethysmographVenaPulse® Hands-Free Augmentation Device
APG Air Plethysmograph VenaPulse Hands Free Augmentation Device
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Vascular Meeting for August 2016

ACI Medical will be exhibiting at the Society of Vascular Ultrasound in Chicago, August 11-13, 2016. Our featured vascular technologies include:

We hope to see you there!

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Visit ACI Medical at Desert Foot 2013

Desert Foot, the High Risk Diabetic Foot Conference, takes place from November 20-22, 2013 in Phoenix, AZ.ArtAssist device with case report

If you are attending, we would love for you to stop by the ACI Medical booth to talk to Dana Lockrey, our National Account Manager.

You can contact him before the meeting at regarding treatment with ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device® for the non-invasive treatment of diabetic ulcers and PAD.

Dana has tremendous experience handling VA accounts and working with veterans.

Additionally, don’t forget to listen in on “Programmed Pneumatic Compression: New Advances in Arteriogenesis” on November 20 from 4:20 to 4:40. Groundbreaking research has been done on the effects of pneumatic compression therapy on non-operable patients with severe circulatory disease. To get an idea before the meeting, visit the Arteriogenesis section on our Clinical Studies page.

Click here to view the entire Desert Foot program online.

We hope to see you there!

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A Big Kudos to ACI’s Customer Service Team!

As you may or may not know, ACI Medical has a small business attitude when it comes to customers and clients. Even though we do distribute the ArtAssist® device through other (exceptional) organizations, we have always been involved in making sure patients are satisfied with their therapy. The ArtAssist® device has so much to offer for non-operable patients, but what really matters is when a support system comes through.

Here is a recent example of how our customer service team works to serve patients (letter is unabridged except for identifying information):

Dear Don,

My husband and I want to thank you for the expeditious service in receiving the ACI medical device.

I know that the device has improved his circulation. Due to his chronic health issues, (COPD, diabetic, kidney problems), the vascular surgeon said that my husband will no longer be a candidate for surgery. It is the ACI device that is currently maintaining proper circulation to his legs, feet, & toes.

I am an advocate for this device and have watched his ulcer wounds heal with consistent and proper use of the device.

Per our phone conversation on Monday, October 14, you advised me that I would receive another machine due to the unfortunate malfunction of the one that I originally received. Today, October 15th, Tuesday, at 9:30 AM eastern time, the doorbell rang and on our front steps was the new replacement.

Two words for your service, appreciation and gratitude. You too have now become a major contributor to my husband’s health and well being.

With much appreciation,

Carol W.

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ACI Medical to Exhibit at VEITHsymposium ™ in November 2013

ACI Medical will be joining VEITHsymposium ™ as an exhibitor this year. VEITHsymposium ™ is one of the largest gatherings of vascular specialists in the US. If you would like to visit the ACI Medical booth at the meeting, we will only be exhibiting for one day.

WOUNDS Exhibit
Tuesday, November 19 in the South Corridor, 2nd Floor
Booth #406

ACI Medical Logo

VEITHsymposium ™ is scheduled from Tuesday, November 19 through Saturday, November 23. During this time, vascular specialists from around the world will be giving hundreds of short presentations on the latest advances in vascular medicine.

On Thursday, November 21 at 4:21 PM, Professor Andrew N. Nicolaides is scheduled to present on ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device® and what it can do to medically treat critical limb ischemia.

Use of the ArtAssist® device in the treatment of CLI:  How does it work and when should it be used

andrew nicolaides veithsymposium presenter

Prof. Andrew N. Nicolaides

Professor Nicolaides is one of the foremost experts on the relatively new arterial pump technology. Nicolaides was part of a team that evaluated and optimized the ArtAssist® device to maximize circulation. Since having laid the groundwork for this medical device, the ArtAssist® device has been shown in many clinical trials to facilitate wound healing and limb salvage by effectively doubling and tripling blood flow.

ArtAssist Arterial Assist Device IPC

ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®

For discussions and questions prior to and after Professor Nicolaides’ presentation, ACI Medical welcomes you to visit our booth. As the pioneers of the most advanced arterial pump technology to date, ACI will be able to go into depth with you about the science and engineering behind the ArtAssist® device.

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ACI Medical President to Speak at 2013 ICC Meeting in Boston

This year, the International Compression Club founded by Hugo Partsch, PhD will be meeting as part of the XVII World Meeting of the International Union of Phlebology (IUP) in Boston, MA on September 8.

Ed Arkans, MEng, President of ACI Medical, LLC, is to speak alongside other experts in compression medicine and technology and serve as a chairman during the morning session.

From the ICC website:

Compression therapy is an extremely effective treatment modality, the efficacy of which is frequently underestimated or neglected. There are important areas in medicine in which compression therapy (CT) could be beneficial to patients but is not used because of lack of knowledge of the prescribers. There are countries in which CT has no tradition and is unknown to patients who could profit from it. Only few medical indications for CT are endorsed by evidence based medicine.At the present time it is extremely difficult to convince the vast group of medical people who are not specifically interested or lack knowledge about the merits of good compression, because the arguments in favour of CT are weak, and our standards are vague or non-existent. In addition, patients are often unaware of CT or do not experience the benefits due to poor compliance.As long as we are unable to give the right dosage for the individual patient and as long as we do not agree how this should be measured, then CT will remain an obscure treatment modality, underestimated and underreported.

ed arkansArkans will present on the topic “Arterial Device Optimization,” which highlights the importance of treating circulatory diseases such as PAD with an optimized arterial device when surgery is contraindicated.

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a chronic disease of the lower and upper extremities in which plaque blocks the arteries or the artery walls harden (atherosclerosis), causing a decrease in blood flow. PAD-related conditions include intermittent claudication, non-healing wounds and critical limb ischemia. In severe cases, endovascular or an open bypass procedures are indicated. However, many patients are contraindicated for surgical intervention.

ArtAssist Arterial Assist Device

ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®

Arkans is the primary engineer behind ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®, which was developed by vascular surgeons. With a deep understanding of the underlying physiology of increasing arterial blood flow, the team focused on results that would clinically benefit patients with poor peripheral circulation. Independent published clinical studies show 86% to 94% limb salvage rates for inoperable patients who used the ArtAssist® device.

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ACI Medical President interviewed by Medical Marcom’s Joe Hage

Yesterday, Ed participated in a #MedDevice interview titled “ACI Medical became a contract manufacturer…’because our vendors sucked'”, which you can read in its entirety here (you’ll need a Linkedin account).

He and Joe talked a lot about what makes ACI Medical the company it is today, from its humble beginnings as a couple of guys working in a garage with second-hand machinery to the quality products and services that make our customers glad they’re with us.

I hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as we enjoyed doing it!

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The Job-Killing Medical Device Tax | Publications | National Center for Policy Analysis | NCPA

The medical device tax will ultimately increase national health expenditures, according to the Office of the Actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.18� Health care providers, hospitals, doctors and patients, as well as insurers, will bear much of the additional cost of the tax. To the extent that device makers are unable to pass on their additional costs, innovation and medical device workers will suffer. 19

Read more via The Job-Killing Medical Device Tax | Publications | National Center for Policy Analysis | NCPA.

Diana’s note:  If this tax goes into effect, medical device companies will most likely pass the cost onto consumers. I would know. I work at a medical device company. If you read the whole article, you’ll find out that not only are companies that make big fancy hospital machines affected by this excise tax, but also the ones that make common tools that your every-day primary care physician uses:  cotton swabs, tongue depressors, etc. In other words, when it comes down to it, someone is going to have to bear the brunt of the tax. Is it going to be you?

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Device tax: Repeal efforts claim another Democrat, nay-sayers cry foul | MassDevice – Medical Device Industry News

Rep. Bill Owens D-N.Y. joins a small, but growing, cadre of Democrats who have opposed the 2.3% levy on medical device sales, over the warnings of a left-of-center think tank that anti-tax lobbying efforts are based on “misinformation and exaggerated claims.”

Read more via Device tax: Repeal efforts claim another Democrat, nay-sayers cry foul | MassDevice – Medical Device Industry News.

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