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Patients must foot the bill for the ArtAssist® device in Ireland

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artassist arterial assist deviceRecently, Dr. Sherif Sultan of the Western Vascular Institute in Galway presented the case for the ArtAssist® device to the HSE (Health Service Executive), hoping to get funding for this home-use arterial pump that is recommended for non-surgical patients with poor peripheral circulation. While this case is under review, any new Irish patients will have to privately fund treatment with the ArtAssist® device.

Senator ó Clochartaigh on the HSE’s decision:

“The decision to withhold funding is shortsighted and makes neither medical nor economic sense. The HSE may hope to make savings in the short term but will face increasing costs in the future as the cost of treating amputations far outweighs that associated with preventative, treatment measures. Once again, we have an example of a short-term saving that will ultimately cost the tax-payer more in the long-term.”

It is our hope at ACI Medical that patients around the world can benefit from ArtAssist® device treatment as a cost-effective alternative to amputation. We continue to support efforts like those of Dr. Sultan and Senator ó Clochartaigh to bring this arterial pump technology to all patients in need.


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