Diabetic Foot Health: Keeping You On Your Feet

THURSDAY, OCT 25 10:00A TO 11:45A

at Carlsbad Senior Center, Carlsbad, CA

People with diabetes must be aware of how to prevent foot problems before they occur. Judy Greenhaw, RN, will discuss how to examine your own feet and recognize the early signs and symptoms of diabetic foot problems, know when to call the doctor, and how to recognize when a problem has become serious enough to seek emergency treatment.

Read the rest via Talks & Lectures: Diabetic Foot Health: Keeping You On Your Feet at Carlsbad Senior Center on 10/25/12 – UTSanDiego.com.

Diana’s note:  If you want to learn more about serious health concerns, sometimes it’s worth it to take a look at your community calendar. Or, if you’re just not into scouring the Internet for local events that, quite frankly, don’t normally jump out and announce themselves if you have the inkling to start looking, here’s a tip:  set up alerts on a reader! For example, since I have a Gmail account, I use the Google Reader to alert me when terms like “diabetic foot ulcer” and “peripheral arterial disease” pop up on the web (hint:  this is where I get a lot of blog content to talk about). I find educational articles, news, and local events for screenings every single day.

So get out there and educate yourself! You won’t have to go far.

Speaking of not going far, take a look at our blogroll for the ArtAssist® device. You’ll quickly discover that it’s not just a machine – it’s a renewed sense of hope for patients whose limbs are threatened by severe arterial disease.

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– Diana

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