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Paul van Bemmelen, MD, PhD: Arterial Pumps for Limb Salvage and Wound Healing

paul van bemmelen md phdLast October, Dr. Paul van Bemmelen gave a presentation at the podiatry conference Superbones West about using arterial pump technology to treat peripheral arterial disease of the lower extremities.

Click on the link below to view the presentation – it lets you skip to the parts you want to see!

Arterial pumps for limb-salvage and wound-healing

Dr. van Bemmelen’s personal blog:



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President Barack Obama Recognizes April 2012 as Limb Loss Awareness Month

On Monday, April 2, The White House released a letter from President Barack Obama recognizing April 2012 as Limb Loss Awareness Month.

“As a nation, we must remain committed to ensuring that those living with limb loss have the support they need to reach their greatest potential,” wrote President Obama. “We must also provide those at risk with information that can help prevent this condition. Greater public knowledge of the causes and warning signs is essential to decreasing the rates of preventable limb loss,” the letter continued, “and by working with the limb loss community, we can help reduce new cases.”

via Amputee Coalition – President Barack Obama Recognizes April 2012 as Limb Loss Awareness Month.

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