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The VenaPulse® Device in Aesthetics News Today

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This month marks the first ever issue of Aesthetics News Today. In this inaugural issue, the Product Roundup section features

venapulse hands free augmentation device aesthetics news today

The VenaPulse® device provides hands-free, standardized augmentations

the VenaPulse® Hands-Free Augmentation Device. Glenbrook Hospital Radiology Department in Evanston, Ill. and Hoag Memorial Hospital Vascular Laboratory in Newport Beach, Calif. report their experiences with the device and comment on the role it plays in their facilities.

Varicose veins due to lower limb venous reflux can be a cosmetic issue as well as the cause of discomfort in the legs. Fortunately for patients, there are many treatments available for varicose veins and they do not often require a long recovery.

However, the process for diagnosing varicose veins in the legs is often physically strenuous for vascular technologists. Testing the veins requires technologists to bend and twist into uncomfortable positions in order to squeeze the vein with one hand. This task is made more difficult while trying to maintain a good image on the ultrasound. Technologists can request a colleague to help them with the diagnosis procedure, but this arrangement can reduce productivity. Furthermore, the disadvantage to manual squeezes is the potential

varicose veins

By National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. (Varicous veins.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

absence of consistency, which can produce inconsistent results.

According to a recent survey, 84% of diagnostic medical sonographers suffer from some sort of work-related injury.*

The VenaPulse® device provides consistent squeezes with the added benefit of improved ergonomics for technologists. By using a foot switch to operate a compression pump that inflates a wrap around the foot or ankle, the technologist can maintain a comfortable position while scanning. Use of the VenaPulse® device in the exam room reduces error and chances of injury.

*”Sonographer occupational musculoskeletal disorders:  What are they and how can they be prevented,” Sound Ergonomics, LLC and Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

To read through Aesthetics News Today article, you can download the reprint: VenaPulse® Users Share Insights:  Considering Hands-Free vs. Manual Venous Reflux Exams?

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Venous Symposium Live Imaging

Assisted by the VenaPulse® Hands-Free Augmentation Device


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