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“What a treat!” A VenaPulse Device Experience

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venapulse hands-free augmentation device foot cuffMany vascular technologists today continue to perform augmentations manually during venous reflux tests. Often times, they encounter tedious little inconveniences that make these tests drag on and on:  twisting and turning, slipping off the vein, etc. No wonder technologists dread these exams!

Leah Jolly, BS, RVT and her team at Mint Medical Education were no exception. However, Leah and her colleagues recently gave the VenaPulse Hands-Free Augmentation Device a try and they cannot wait to get one for their facility! The following is an email from Leah to ACI Medical’s VenaPulse device specialist:

Hi Lennie,

Happy New Year to you too!

My co-workers and I really enjoyed working with your device. We have been doing augmentations manually for years… what a treat to have a break from all the twisting and turning! It also seemed to shorten our exam times a bit, which was a nice bonus.

The foot cuff was VERY helpful when assessing the lower leg. I did have some difficulty adjusting it properly on patients with small feet. Otherwise, it made some of the more tedious parts of the exam fly by, knowing that we were able to get a good augmentation without slipping off the vein.

We loved the foot pedal control too – so much easier than a remote.

Our plan is to convice the boss to purchase a VenaPulse for us… Hopefully soon!

Do you think your facility could benefit from the VenaPulse device for venous reflux tests? You can give it a try for free today! ACI Medical even pays shipping. Call (888) 453-4356 or email for your free trial.

Venous Symposium Live Imaging

Venous Symposium Live Imaging

Assisted by the VenaPulse® Hands-Free Augmentation Device


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