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Taiwanese PAD patients have improved quality of life & better walking distances in this new IPC study

Unlike other studies for the ArtAssist® device, these researchers examined the effects of intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC)

ArtAssist Arterial Assist Device IPC therapy

ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®

therapy on PAD patients suffering from infrapopliteal diffuse or multiple segmental lesions and who were at risk of amputation.

Click here to view the abstract.


Patients were separated into study (n=23) and control (n=8) groups and were given the following tests before and after the study period:

  • 6-minute walking test to examine claudication distance.
    duration and initial and absolute claudication distances significantly increased in study group
  • Transcutaneous oxygen tension (TcPO2).
    Results:  significantly increased in distal end of target limb after IPC therapy
  • Quality of Life (Short-Form 36 questionnaire):
    Results:  significant changes in physical functioning, physical and emotional role functioning, bodily pain, and general and mental health after IPC therapy

The study group received ArtAssist® device therapy for three months, three hours per day. The ArtAssist® device rapidly compresses the foot, ankle, and calf at 120 mmHg approximately every 17 seconds. The rapid inflation and deflation of the cuffs is instrumental to the arteries’ vasodilation.

The significant improvements in walking distance, oxygen levels, and quality of life show both medical and lifestyle benefits for patients who are not candidates for surgical intervention.

To read more about the clinical trials conducted with ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®, please visit the Clinical Studies Page.

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ACI Medical President to Speak at 2013 ICC Meeting in Boston

This year, the International Compression Club founded by Hugo Partsch, PhD will be meeting as part of the XVII World Meeting of the International Union of Phlebology (IUP) in Boston, MA on September 8.

Ed Arkans, MEng, President of ACI Medical, LLC, is to speak alongside other experts in compression medicine and technology and serve as a chairman during the morning session.

From the ICC website:

Compression therapy is an extremely effective treatment modality, the efficacy of which is frequently underestimated or neglected. There are important areas in medicine in which compression therapy (CT) could be beneficial to patients but is not used because of lack of knowledge of the prescribers. There are countries in which CT has no tradition and is unknown to patients who could profit from it. Only few medical indications for CT are endorsed by evidence based medicine.At the present time it is extremely difficult to convince the vast group of medical people who are not specifically interested or lack knowledge about the merits of good compression, because the arguments in favour of CT are weak, and our standards are vague or non-existent. In addition, patients are often unaware of CT or do not experience the benefits due to poor compliance.As long as we are unable to give the right dosage for the individual patient and as long as we do not agree how this should be measured, then CT will remain an obscure treatment modality, underestimated and underreported.

ed arkansArkans will present on the topic “Arterial Device Optimization,” which highlights the importance of treating circulatory diseases such as PAD with an optimized arterial device when surgery is contraindicated.

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a chronic disease of the lower and upper extremities in which plaque blocks the arteries or the artery walls harden (atherosclerosis), causing a decrease in blood flow. PAD-related conditions include intermittent claudication, non-healing wounds and critical limb ischemia. In severe cases, endovascular or an open bypass procedures are indicated. However, many patients are contraindicated for surgical intervention.

ArtAssist Arterial Assist Device

ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®

Arkans is the primary engineer behind ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®, which was developed by vascular surgeons. With a deep understanding of the underlying physiology of increasing arterial blood flow, the team focused on results that would clinically benefit patients with poor peripheral circulation. Independent published clinical studies show 86% to 94% limb salvage rates for inoperable patients who used the ArtAssist® device.

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Photos from the 2013 Venous Symposium in New York

Here are some great photos of Professor Nicos Labropoulos of SUNY, one of the meeting’s Course Directors, demonstrating live venapulse hands-free augmentation device foot cuffimaging for attendees with the help of ACI Medical’s VenaPulse® device.

Professor Labropoulos regularly uses the hands-free augmentation device to make teaching less strenuous.

At the 2013 Venous Symposium, the blue inflation cuff is being used for demonstrations. Recently, work at the Oregon Institute of Technology has shown that use of a foot inflation cuff can be effective for viewing valves up to the sapheno-femoral junction. Read more on the VenaPulse® device home page.

Special thanks to Barb Gentilli for taking all the wonderful photos and to Professor Labropoulos!

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Rapid foot augmentations: A recent development in VenaPulse® Hands-Free device technology

VenaPulse Device Foot Inflation CuffRecent work at the Oregon Institute of Technology has shown that rapidly compressing the foot during venous evaluations (using the VenaPulse ®device) will give vascular technologists the ability to identify valvular reflux up through the sapheno-femoral junction.

Until recently, the VenaPulse ® Hands-Free Augmentation Device for venous evaluations has only employed an inflation cuff that wraps around the leg and must be moved each time a technologist wishes to document a different valve. While this method was already as efficient and reliable as manual augmentations*, there was still room for improvement.

Initially, the foot inflation cuff was designed to allow vascular technologists to view distal valves that could not otherwise be seen with the blue calf wrap. This changed when work at OIT discovered that the foot cuff alone was capable of giving technologists an unobstructed view of venous valves throughout the entire limb.

In short, using the VenaPulse ® device for venous evaluations is now an even more efficient and ergonomic tool for augmentations, now that adjusting the cuff is unnecessary. VenaPulse Hands-Free Augmentation Device for Venous Exams

The foot cuff itself is patented and was specifically designed to rapidly empty the foot veins proximally. The foot augmentation method was shown to be effective in all but a few patients. For this reason, the calf wrap is still available.

Give us a call or send us an email today to learn how you can obtain the VenaPulse ® device for your vascular lab:

Toll free 888-453-4356 or

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Patients must foot the bill for the ArtAssist® device in Ireland

artassist arterial assist deviceRecently, Dr. Sherif Sultan of the Western Vascular Institute in Galway presented the case for the ArtAssist® device to the HSE (Health Service Executive), hoping to get funding for this home-use arterial pump that is recommended for non-surgical patients with poor peripheral circulation. While this case is under review, any new Irish patients will have to privately fund treatment with the ArtAssist® device.

Senator ó Clochartaigh on the HSE’s decision:

“The decision to withhold funding is shortsighted and makes neither medical nor economic sense. The HSE may hope to make savings in the short term but will face increasing costs in the future as the cost of treating amputations far outweighs that associated with preventative, treatment measures. Once again, we have an example of a short-term saving that will ultimately cost the tax-payer more in the long-term.”

It is our hope at ACI Medical that patients around the world can benefit from ArtAssist® device treatment as a cost-effective alternative to amputation. We continue to support efforts like those of Dr. Sultan and Senator ó Clochartaigh to bring this arterial pump technology to all patients in need.

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Abstract: “How The ArtAssist Pneumatic Compression Device Can Heal Ulcers From CLI & Relieve Rest Pain Noninvasively”

The abstract “How The ArtAssist Pneumatic Compression Device Can Heal Ulcers From Critical Limb Ischemia And Relieve Rest Pain Noninvasively” presented by Prof. Andrew Nicolaides, MS, FRCS at VEITHsymposium 2012 is now available for download from the VEITHsymposium website. We have also included it on our References/Clinical Studies page.


artassist arterial assist device

ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device®

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Big meetings this week: Desert Foot & VEITHsymposium™

Starting tomorrow, two very important meetings will kick off and experts from ACI Medical will be attending both of them.

If you are attending Desert Foot 2012, the 9th Annual High Risk Diabetic Foot Conference, be sure to attend the 20 minute presentations given by Dr. Darwin Eton (University of Chicago) and Dr. Paul van Bemmelen (Temple University). Both will be talking about how pneumatic compression therapy with arterial pump technology can prevent amputations in non-reconstructible limbs. Both have extensive experience using the ArtAssist® device in a clinical setting.

Here is when you can hear them talk:

Paul van Bemmelen, MD
Wednesday, November 14 from 2:10 PM to 2:30 PM “Pneumatic Compression for Non-Reconstructible PAD”

Darwin Eton, MD
Thursday, November 15 from 5:45 PM to 6:05 PM “Combined Cell Therapy and Pneumatic Compression to Treat Limb Ischemia”

VEITHsymposium™ 2012 will be featuring Professor Andrew Nicolaides of the Imperial College of London. He has been invited to discuss non-reconstructible limb salvage using arterial pump technology during a 5 minute talk on Friday, November 16 from 6:46 AM to 6:51 AM (don’t forget to drink your coffee – hearing him talk is always a treat!). Professor Nicolaides has clinical experience with the ArtAssist® device as well.

As pioneers of ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device® technology, we at ACI Medical invite and encourage you to contact us with your questions about anything from the device’s science to ordering one for your patient:
(888) 453-4356 or

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2. Thank you, Veterans!

veterans day banner 2013

ACI Medical is proud to serve the veterans who have bravely protected our freedom since the birth of our great nation. Veterans with non-operable PAD (peripheral arterial disease) can easily obtain ArtAssist®…The Arterial Assist Device® through their VA health care centers. Talk to your doctor about renting through the VA and give us a call so that we can help you obtain the therapy you need:  toll free (888) 453-4356

Happy Veterans Day!

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“Quantified hemodynamics of compression garments” involving APG® Air Plethysmograph presented at ACP 2012

At this year’s 26th Annual Congress of the American College of Phlebology, one presentation will explore the recent clinical evidence gathered by a conglomeration of San Diego-area vein clinics and medical device manufacturers. This clinical trial attempts to determine the hemodynamic differences between elastic versus inelastic compression garments using ACI Medical’s APG® Air Plethysmograph, a non-invasive venous diagnostic device.

Sponsors:  La Jolla Vein Care, ACI Medical & CircAid® by Medi

26 Years of Venous Education

The ACP recognized the need for quality venous education twenty-six years ago and continues to fulfill on its mission of providing original education for an advancing specialty.
The ACP’s 26th Annual Congress will provide vein health practitioners with the latest techniques, innovative and engaging content, interaction with respected faculty from around the world and opportunities for all levels of skill and knowledge to gain the tools needed to improve patient care.
Join us November 15-18, 2012 at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, FL for this important program.


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Peripheral Arterial Disease won’t wait ’til next September – keep your education going!

Just because PAD Awareness Month is over doesn’t mean the disease won’t persist. I’m glad there’s a month dedicated to PAD education – this means that from now on, you can carry on everything you learned and share this invaluable knowledge with those around you. Last month was also a reminder to me what an important role prevention plays; that diseases like PAD won’t stop to let their victims try to figure out what’s going on.

On that note, I’d like to thank all those on Twitter who have participated with the effort by sharing their expertise and their resources, as well as including my two cents on the big conversation. I learned a lot!

If September was not enough to get your fill of PAD education, take a look through our dedicated category, where you’ll find articles written by yours truly in regards to the ArtAssist® Arterial Assist Device® and links to various experts who deal with the many complications of PAD.

Have a great day and STAY INFORMED!

All the best,


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